5 Tips on how to do your wedding makeup yourself!

I recognise what you’re questioning.

Who on the earth would try to do their very own make-up on their wedding ceremony day?? I repeat, their  w e d d i n g  day. not birthday, or prom night or maybe graduation, however wedding ceremony day.

answer: ME! And if you’re interested in doing the equal in your large day or simply show up to be curious about what it takes, read on.

    Very hardly ever did I ever clearly realise the lady staring at me in the mirror

I don’t keep in mind the precise moment I knew I wanted to take at the project myself however when it popped into my thoughts, I knew it turned into the right aspect for me. I just… I desired to appear like myself and simply, despite the fact that I’ve labored with especially gifted make-up artists in my lifetime, very hardly ever did I ever certainly comprehend the girl looking at me inside the mirror.

there has been one make-up artist I had desperately desired to paintings with but while it got here right down to it, our schedules clashed as he wasn’t primarily based in Kenya. And from then on, I knew I wanted to take it on myself.

whenever I’d get requested approximately who I’d selected as my makeup artist, I’d proudly reply with “I’m definitely doing it myself” to which I’d expect both a bowled over face or one in all admiration. most of the time it became the greatly surprised face and it would additionally be regularly observed by “but are you certain you want to do that?”

I even had someone definitely advice me in opposition to it because they were sure I’d be too nervous to get my cat eye simply proper or positioned my eyelashes on. I’ll admit that that did make me rethink for a sec however after thinking about it, I determined to stick to my original plan.

right here are a number of the matters that helped me do my own make-up for my wedding ceremony day!

Make the selection. 

I understand this sounds quite obvious however if you’re now not completely sure approximately your choice then even the slightest nerves of bad remark will go away you incredibly irritating at the large day. You’ve were given to decide that that is what you want for your self and decide that you’re going to be splendid and do remarkable! tell your self over and over again that you’ve got this and believe in your self. This absolutely is the most vital step.


I’ve been playing round with makeup for approximately six years now and in that point I’ve watched enough YouTube tutorials to final me an entire life! never does this qualify me as an expert but it did suggest that I had learnt some tricks through the years and understood what worked on me. This absolutely helped give me braveness however I nevertheless did exercise over and over once more on what type of look I wanted for the large day. if you need some thing complex (like a cut-crease or an complex cat eye) then it means you’ve got to practice, preparation, preparation.

Stock Up. 

I made positive I had sold all the goods that I’d required and wasn’t going for walks on just one greater squirt of foundation or a lip liner the scale of a jelly bean. If some thing become walking out, I restocked. And if there has been a product I wanted to try out for the day (be it powder, eye primer or finishing spray) i purchased it properly in advance and tried it out in advance as opposed to giving it a attempt on the actual day.

Give yourself Time.

 Now if you are aware of it normally takes you 45mins to do your make-up for an evening out, time table double that point (if no longer more) in your wedding day! I think I gave myself 2hours to do my make-up and i just took my candy time with it all listening to tune, speaking to people who had been in my room and re-doing whatever that I wasn’t a hundred% happy with. trust me, there’s not anything worse than feeling rushed for time whilst you’re halfway thru your make-up.

Have a relied on friend close by. 

It’s so essential to surround your self with folks who will encourage you and make you snigger and smile on that big day! There’s not anything like some precise energy going round hours before you get to stroll down the aisle as this could assist remove any nerves. Bonus factor? in case you do appear to need a hand setting your fake lash on, those buddies will absolutely are available in on hand!

source : www.capitalfm.co.ke