3 Victory Sex Positions Every Couple Should Try

Victory sex position is one in every of the surest ways in which of rekindling your sexual activity when days and months of political activities

What higher thanks to celebrate Ghana's conclusion than to possess some intimate time together with your partner in bed when the Electoral Commission announces the winner.

It is one in every of the surest ways in which of rekindling your sexual activity when days and months of political activities.


Making eye contact throughout sex is vital once you boost the romance in your relationship.

Look directly into your partner's eyes at any position.

Straddle him in a very kneel position, the lady on prime, with a slow cadent (not quick and furious) riding movement. Your partner is in a very sitting position. Alternate with hand positions, and run your hands over his shoulders or head once necking him.

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Let him feel your respiration on his lips as you moan, reaching climax. you'll rub your breasts over his chest as he clasps your hips. It's regarding each obtaining your respiration to be in set too. Keep your bodies close.

Not solely can you get most clit action and a good angle for your G-spot, he can get a complete eyeful too.


This is the simplest position if you're uninterested in the routine Canis familiaris vogue, this improbably builds intimacy and deeper penetration.

Try to build it sultrily romantic by asking your partner to lean in currently and once more, between thrusts, nearer to your back, therefore you'll be close, to alter necking.

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Sphinx facilitate the couple to climax simply and compliments the lady on prime position. By then you have got had lots of intimate eye contact to stay the Canis familiaris position romantic.

Making sure you have got the shut contact together with your partner is essential to creating this vogue additional intimate. this manner he's still in total management however also can tenderly kiss and caress your mouth, breasts and back that may be a mind-blowing combination.


You need a trifle of balance and additional energy for this position however it's worthwhile.

While having sex on a chair is nice, lying backpedal it takes it to a full new level. therefore once you are Sat straddled on the chair, lean back, still keeping him within you - you'll place your handily behind you to support your weight.

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The angle of your epithelial duct wall is currently absolutely positioned for his member to massage your G-spot whereas he gets a super-tight treat.

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